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Package Shipping
Package Delivery Service
Trucking Companies
Shipping and Packaging

The perfect domain names for a shipping company, or a business that ships packages, or specializes packing, crating, or package shipping in general. Anything from a single brick and mortar store, to a trucking company or even the post office. They are perfect for a portal site, a vertical directory, or just a great email address if you're in the business. Heck, you can even sell e-mail addresses to other people in the business. We've had em for 15 years, and have made a lot of money using them. They're very generic, easy to remember, and lets people know EXACTLY what you do for a living. As indicated, a couple even have the Twitter account and Facebook accts that we will throw in if interested. There's a $1900 Buy It Now price, Domain values are subjective, since the value could be worth more to one person than another. But thats the price that can acquire it immediately. Otherwise, make an offer if interested and we will consider them all. There is no revenue attached to these names that is residual. They may be auctioned off on Ebay or one of the domain auction sites in the near future, but for now we are handling it ourselves.
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